Chapati and Karak

Hey my lovelies
This is my review for the above when I went on a day trip to London. I’ve been here once before. I love the chai and roti perfect little snack. I think it’s a parantha.

Their Facebook page;

This is on Brompton Road,a two minute walk from harrods. I went there in summer with my friend, it’s lovely everyone was sat outside having tea. It was busy but they have a 30 minute rule for each table which is good I think as it gets busy.

A simple menu; variety of chai and chapati to choose from.  

We opted for cardamom chai and Mint tea with a cheddar chapati and plain chapati with Nutella.

Mint tea was really nice even though it doesn’t look all that.

My lovely chai. I love it so much! Nice and strong flavours. Perfect for the cold weather.

This is the cheddar chapati. Yes sorry I put Nutella on it by mistake and was wasted 🙈 I didn’t like this as much as the plain ones with cheese or Nutella. Partner liked it though. Guess each to their own.

My plain chapati with Nutella 👌🏽  

This picture is from summer. When me and my friend we ordered plain with cheese spread and a sugar one which is the flat open one. They were both lovely.

You may think I’m mad haha but I’ve made this the toilet stop to go to, I won’t go anywhere and go here because it’s so nice and clean. Has the fountain thing in place of a lota, the toilet tissue is nice like home and not some cheap recycled tissue. Hand wash is nice and even has some lotion there!



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