Archies Shakes and Burgers

I love this place, I blame uni life for this. It was right opposite my campus so I used to go there few times in a month 🙈. They have a few branches across UK, I go to the one on Oxford road opposite MMU All Saints Campus.

This place gets an all thumbs up for me. It can be busy at times and queues can be long, the longest I’ve had to wait for my food is 15 minutes. In summer I love their shakes 😍

it’s all about the million dollar shake, ferroe rocher, strawberries and cream. The pics below are from the 29th December 2015, didn’t know I would blog a review for this so my burger picture isn’t all that.

I loved the lady that served us she explained all the burgers properly to me, they’ve changed the menu 😓 and it’s been a while since I last visited Archies.

I always get the usual cheese burger with curly fries. Partner got chicken burger with Cheetos, doesn’t sound nice but it tasted really nice the Cheetos crisps gave a nice kick to the burger. He also got sweet potato fries, I’m not a fan of sweet potatoes but apparently according to him they were nice.

imageimageThe above above probably lost it with me when explaining the burgers to me, I’m fussy my royal cheese burger has chilli con carne in it and I can’t eat mince from anywhere but home.🙈 lady took over haha

They’ve introduced this new thing called shake, dip and go I think that’s right. Basically you choose any milkshake, you get a 1/4 of a waffle for 99p extra and you dip it in your shake and eat. I love waffles so had to give this a go.

usual million dollar shake.

Had to eat in the car, had to be a work this was a lunch treat.


If you do go here don’t forget to try their cookie waffle out. It’s amazing. This an old picture but had to upload it. I have so many Archie burger pictures on my phone 😂




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