Potato Vada

I love eating these once in a while such a Indian street food snack. It’s so quick and simple to make. Sorry couldn’t take decent pictures of the outcome it was for guests and we were in a rush.



Green chilli as much as you like



Gram flour

Ginger and Garlic paste

Bicarbonate of Soda


Tumeric powder

Black Mustard Seeds


Peel skin of potatoes and cut them into four pieces. Alternatively you can boil your potatoes like you to make mash.




Once they are boiled, drain the water and put them in a plate. Add salt, Tumeric powder, green chilli as much as you like, ginger garlic paste, squeeze some lemon juice for a nice tangy taste and mix all this well with your hands. (I’ve not specified the amounts of spices as this differs to each person, how chilly/salty, how yellow you want it etc)



In a separate pan, Asians will defiantly have this little dish we use to ‘wager’ the mustard seeds. I don’t know what it means in English but all you have to is put some oil in a pan let it heat up for around two minutes then add your seeds. Make sure it is on low heat before you add the seeds because it will splatter everywhere, hence I couldn’t take a picture of the seeds in oil.once you have done that pour it onto the potato mixture.




Mash the potatoes and other ingredients properly so everything is nicely mixed. Chop the coriander into small pieces and add that to the mash too and mix well. Roll them into small balls.


In a bowl get some gram flour, add some salt, red chilli powder just a pinch and bicarbonate of soda. Add lukewarm water to the dry ingridents and make it into a nice thick mixture.



Dip one mash ball individually into the flour mixture and then put into a medium pan with hot oil and let it cook till the flour is golden brown.

Serve with chilli sauce . Enjoy




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