Chicken Alfredo 

This is one of the quickest, simplest pasta dish I have made! I didn’t know what to make for lunch tomrrow so made this to take to work 🙂


  1. Flat pasta, I used tagliatelle pasta,
  2. Chicken breast,
  3. Salt,
  4. Lemon,
  5. Pepper,
  6. Double cream,
  7. Parmesan cheese,
  8. Mixed herbs,
  9. Garlic,
  10. Green chilli,
  11. Any veg you want, I used broccoli but mushroom is the one to be used with this,
  12. Oil and
  13. Butter.

First, marinade the small chicken breast pieces with salt, pepper and lemon- for at least 25 minutes. 

Then I put the pasta in a pot and let it boil on one side.

Then, I got around 2 tablespoons of butter, let it melt in a pan. Then I added my fresh grated garlic ( I crushed 3 cloves), let it turn slightly brown then add the cream. Add as much as you want depending on how saucy you want you dish to be. Let it simmer on low heat for around 5 minutes till it turns a bit thick. 

Then I added the cheese, add as much as you like, stir this in slowly and let it melt. 

Add some mixed herbs or anything you want you don’t have to! I like my food a bit spicey so added crushed green chillies to the mixture too. 

Stir that in and let it simmer for two minutes and that’s your sauce ready!

On the other side, in a pot add some oil and add your chicken and let it cook until the water from chicken has evaporated. I added my broccoli in too so it’s ready in time. I didn’t have time to wait around! 

Once the above is done, add it the sauce. 

Add your pasta and hooray there’s your chicken alfredo ready 🙂 enjoy with garlic bread. 


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