Toblerone Mousse

My fast really got to me on the day I made this and I just sat there googling recipes. This one was from daily mirror. I didn’t stick to the measurements because I was making it for one person only. It was hard not to taste in-between, I don’t know how people cook whilst fasting. I’m just not made for that 😁



Toblerone (I got the big bar)

Double cream



Add pieces of chocolate, bit of cream and marshmallows in a saucepan. Don’t add too many marshmallows because this will make the mousse hard. Lesson learnt for future. Mix for a minute then let it cool.


Whip some double cream and fold into the melted chocolate mixture.  I crushed a piece of toblerone to add to the cream. Don’t worry if there are some hard pieces in your melted mixture, this is the nougat.

Add a piece on top for decoration (I cut it in half) and cool in fridge for twenty minutes .



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