Besan (Gram flour) Ladoos


Gram flour (besan)

Food colour (orange and whatever colour you want)



Almonds/pistachios/dried currants

Cardamom powder (elaichi)


You can use any cup for this recipe, but make sure it’s the same one for all your measurements.

1) measure 3 cups besan in a mixing bowl. Mix win COLD water, make sure the batter isn’t too runny and not too thick ( so it can pass through a perforated spoon). If you want to add colours you can add colour to half the batter and leave the other half orange.

2) In a big pot measure 3 cups of sugar and 3 cups water. Let the sugar dissolve on low heat, the syrup doesn’t need to be too watery or thick, as you will be mixing the above mixture in.

3) Heat oil in your frying pan ( I suggest using a deep pan), get the besan mixture in a spoon. I used a spoon that you’d use for your curries/soup. Hold the perforated spoon over the oil and pour the mixture onto the perforated spoon. Basically you should have tiny balls falling into the oil. Let it fry for 20 seconds and stir once they are golden brown, remove and put straight into the syrup and stir so they are all coated. Repeat until your mixture has finished. If the syrup starts running out add some warm water. (The picture on the left is after the first few lots of frying)

4) add your nuts and dry fruits and elaichi powder. mix it all well.

5) Once it is cool, you need to roll them between your hands to make small balls.

6) place in a cool area for few hours or eat straight away ­čÖé


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