Annies- Tea room Manchester

A lovely, cosy tea room, discovered on our last minute lunch break venture. It’s located in a side street just off St Ann Square. I loved this place, the atmosphere was calm and friendly. The staff are nice too. If you have public toilet issues, then trust me this is the best place! Nice and clean. They also have a menu for grilled food, salads, hot pots, fish and chips etc. Theres a bar downstairs too. Heres the link to their site.

I went once before christmas and ordered a large hot chocolate with their selection of biscuits, which was for £5.95. Another time we went in a group and ordered a sandwich, at first I thought it was a bit expensive for a sandwich, but when it came the price was justified! Crisps on the side with salad. I ordered chips thinking it would only be a small sandwich, oh my, the chips were huge. My friends ordered carrot and coriander soup of the day, which they loved.


Hot chocolate with a biscuit selection and scone and jam ordered by friend.


Carrot and coriander soup


Vanilla tea


Standard hot chocolate





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