Annies- Tea room Manchester

A lovely, cosy tea room, discovered on our last minute lunch break venture. It's located in a side street just off St Ann Square. I loved this place, the atmosphere was calm and friendly. The staff are nice too. If you have public toilet issues, then trust me this is the best place! Nice and … Continue reading Annies- Tea room Manchester


Archies Shakes and Burgers

I love this place, I blame uni life for this. It was right opposite my campus so I used to go there few times in a month 🙈. They have a few branches across UK, I go to the one on Oxford road opposite MMU All Saints Campus. This place gets an all thumbs up … Continue reading Archies Shakes and Burgers

Black Milk Cereal Dive

Quick cereal/shake stop anytime of the day 🙂


Strawberry Sundae

This was a last minute thing I made before Iftar. I googled sundae recipes and they all contained double cream, which is whipped. I'm too lazy to take the machine out to whip the cream and all the cleaning involved. I just discovered mascarpone cheese which is my easy alternative and tastes really nice. Ingredients … Continue reading Strawberry Sundae