Date and Walnut cake

I love my aunts cake and walnut cake, but was never given the recipe. So I made this from another aunts recipe and oh my gawddd it tastes lovely. I love dates, not a fan of nuts so next time I'll make my own little cake without nuts and a separate one for family. Ingredients; … Continue reading Date and Walnut cake



So, I decided to try s'mores at home, but since I'm the only child at home and parents don't like anything baked/made that has sweets/chocolates in it, I have to make small portions. I didn't want to put a few mallows in the oven for 20 minutes I wanted to eat it straight away, no … Continue reading S’mores

Archies Shakes and Burgers

I love this place, I blame uni life for this. It was right opposite my campus so I used to go there few times in a month ­čÖł. They have a few branches across UK, I go to the one on Oxford road opposite MMU All Saints Campus. This place gets an all thumbs up … Continue reading Archies Shakes and Burgers

Chapati and Karak

Hey my lovelies This is my review for the above when I went on a day trip to London. I've been here once before. I love the chai and roti perfect little snack. I think it's a parantha. Their Facebook page; This is on Brompton Road,a two minute walk from harrods. I went there … Continue reading Chapati and Karak