Dhanak Deira Bolton

If you’re ever near Bolton and want halal Chinese with a twist of Indian flavours then this is the place to go, it’s just before the Asda on Blackburn road on your right. I thought I’d give it a go since I kept seeing Amir Khan uploading snap chats whilst he was there. Yes, the first thing that comes to your mind is ‘oh it’s going to be expensive’ it’s actually quite reasonable not overly priced at all.

Apart from the food, I love this wall decor with the Arabic calligraphy, something I’ve not seen at a restaurant before!


I love the interiors of this place, it wasn’t  busy when we went, it was nice and quite and even it was busy, it wouldn’t be an issue because it’s quite spacious inside, so you’re not clashing with the people sat next to you. You could go here for any occasion and make it special. All the tables were nicely laid out with napkins, candles and a rose.


The staff were nice and friendly, which is always a bonus. We were in a rush so the waiter tried to bring the food for us as soon as possible and even had a laugh with us.

For starters we ordered popadums, Fish Pakoras and Kebabs. I’m not really fond of Fish Pakoras so I don’t know how they tasted but friends did say they were nice. The popadums were really oily  but when my friends husband asked for some tissue to wipe the oil away, the waitress went and got some more. So all happy bellies!


For the mains we ordered Chicken Manchurian with noodles and Lamb Karahi with I think it was Tandoor roti or naan. The Manchurian tasted really nice, it was spicey so if you don’t like your food spicey I suggest you ask them to change the heat for you.


The mocktails were slightly pricey compared to other restaurants I’ve been to, even Zouk’s is a tad cheaper but they tasted nice so not moaning. You can ask them to change the ingredients to them, I know we did for the tropical daiquiri. They happily did this for us.


I would defiantly go there again and thanks to the friendly staff for the nice time there, and not forgetting the waiter that gave me lolly in the end incase I cried because my friends daughter got one and I didn’t 😂

Half Moons

I love this savoury snack served with sauces. My aunt passed this recipe on to me from a South African cook book.


Chicken breast diced,

1/2 tsp Cumin Powder,

1 tsp Salt,

1/4 cup Lemon juice,

Green chillies,

1 tsp crushed Garlic,

2 tbsp Mayonnaise,

2 tbsp butter,



diced potaotes

2 beaten eggs,

breadcrumbs and



2 cups water,

2 tbsp butter,

1/4 tsp salt and

2 cups plain flour or more.


Combine chicken, cumin, salt, lemon juice, pepper garlic, mayonnaise, butter, corn and pepper in a pot. Let it cook over medium heat until dry ( when there is no water left from chicken).

Mix the cornflour and milk together in a pot. It will feel hard but this is fine as long as there a no lumps.

Add this to the chicken and stir over medium heat until thick and saucy. Allow to cool.


Place the water, butter and salt in a pot over heat and bring to boil. I kept this lukewarm as you need to knead the dough.


In in a big dish I added the flour, we used 3.5 cups of plain flour. Add the above water mixture and knead. That’s the cup I used for all measurements.


Roll the dough out thinly on a floured surface. Cut in to circle shapes or make them in shapes of small puris.






Place a spoonful of the filling on to one half of the circle or in the middle depends how you prefer to do this. Life up and press edges together to seal, forming a half moon shape.  My mum did this part as I am useless.


Dip the pies in the beaten egg and then breadcrumbs.



You may now freeze them. Or fry them until golden brown.

Potato Vada

I love eating these once in a while such a Indian street food snack. It’s so quick and simple to make. Sorry couldn’t take decent pictures of the outcome it was for guests and we were in a rush.



Green chilli as much as you like



Gram flour

Ginger and Garlic paste

Bicarbonate of Soda


Tumeric powder

Black Mustard Seeds


Peel skin of potatoes and cut them into four pieces. Alternatively you can boil your potatoes like you to make mash.




Once they are boiled, drain the water and put them in a plate. Add salt, Tumeric powder, green chilli as much as you like, ginger garlic paste, squeeze some lemon juice for a nice tangy taste and mix all this well with your hands. (I’ve not specified the amounts of spices as this differs to each person, how chilly/salty, how yellow you want it etc)



In a separate pan, Asians will defiantly have this little dish we use to ‘wager’ the mustard seeds. I don’t know what it means in English but all you have to is put some oil in a pan let it heat up for around two minutes then add your seeds. Make sure it is on low heat before you add the seeds because it will splatter everywhere, hence I couldn’t take a picture of the seeds in oil.once you have done that pour it onto the potato mixture.




Mash the potatoes and other ingredients properly so everything is nicely mixed. Chop the coriander into small pieces and add that to the mash too and mix well. Roll them into small balls.


In a bowl get some gram flour, add some salt, red chilli powder just a pinch and bicarbonate of soda. Add lukewarm water to the dry ingridents and make it into a nice thick mixture.



Dip one mash ball individually into the flour mixture and then put into a medium pan with hot oil and let it cook till the flour is golden brown.

Serve with chilli sauce . Enjoy




So, I decided to try s’mores at home, but since I’m the only child at home and parents don’t like anything baked/made that has sweets/chocolates in it, I have to make small portions. I didn’t want to put a few mallows in the oven for 20 minutes I wanted to eat it straight away, no patience for food sometimes. 🙈 The traditional way to enjoy smores is over a campfire when your camping with friends. I guess it would give a nice bbq taste.

You need a few simple things, marshmallows, biscuits, chocolate and skewers.

The halal marshmallows I buy, are the sweet zone branded ones, which can be found in any Asian shops and Asda in the world food section.


I turned the stove on, I would recommend keeping it on medium. Got three marshmallows and added them on to my bamboo skewer I found in the draws.


I held the skewer over the hob for 10-20 seconds. But the marshmallows were on fire 😂 so I had to blow the flames of the mallows, but it actually gave it the nice BBQ taste, which I didn’t mind. The second time round I literally waved it over the flame beacause I didn’t want it to on fire again, this worked.

Be careful they melt pretty fast and cam start falling off the stick.


The plainest biscuit in the kitchen I wanted to try this with was rich tea. So I got two rich tea biscuits, kept one on plate and with the other biscuit I took the hot,melted mallows of the skewer. It is very sticky so used the other biscuit to keep hands clean, it works. You can use any biscuit you want to.


I added boost chocolate bites on top. You can use any chocolate you want. Maybe in drizzle some raspberry sauce over it and add some sprinkles?


Press down with the other biscuit.image


Archies Shakes and Burgers

I love this place, I blame uni life for this. It was right opposite my campus so I used to go there few times in a month 🙈. They have a few branches across UK, I go to the one on Oxford road opposite MMU All Saints Campus.

This place gets an all thumbs up for me. It can be busy at times and queues can be long, the longest I’ve had to wait for my food is 15 minutes. In summer I love their shakes 😍

it’s all about the million dollar shake, ferroe rocher, strawberries and cream. The pics below are from the 29th December 2015, didn’t know I would blog a review for this so my burger picture isn’t all that.

I loved the lady that served us she explained all the burgers properly to me, they’ve changed the menu 😓 and it’s been a while since I last visited Archies.

I always get the usual cheese burger with curly fries. Partner got chicken burger with Cheetos, doesn’t sound nice but it tasted really nice the Cheetos crisps gave a nice kick to the burger. He also got sweet potato fries, I’m not a fan of sweet potatoes but apparently according to him they were nice.

imageimageThe above above probably lost it with me when explaining the burgers to me, I’m fussy my royal cheese burger has chilli con carne in it and I can’t eat mince from anywhere but home.🙈 lady took over haha

They’ve introduced this new thing called shake, dip and go I think that’s right. Basically you choose any milkshake, you get a 1/4 of a waffle for 99p extra and you dip it in your shake and eat. I love waffles so had to give this a go.

usual million dollar shake.

Had to eat in the car, had to be a work this was a lunch treat.


If you do go here don’t forget to try their cookie waffle out. It’s amazing. This an old picture but had to upload it. I have so many Archie burger pictures on my phone 😂



Shepherds Pie

I got this recipe from my friend Asma and Rizwana. one gave me the recipe for lasagne and the other for shepherds pie, so I combined them both and voila shepherds pie recipe. I’ve had good feedback for this, from other people who have made it themselves. (I may have grammar mistakes below because this was sent to my friend via an email in text form and I’m too tired right now to double check it all) 😴 Also I was being adventurous with my pie so added a handful of pasta to my mince mixture, of course you don’t need to do this.😂

  • 1 Medium Onion
  • One tomato
  • Green chilli, fresh or paste doesn’t matter,
  • 1/2 tsp Ginger/garlic
  • 1/2 tsp Cumin powder/seed
  • Salt
  • 1/3 tsp Coriander powder
  • Keema (mince meat)
  • Lloyd grossman chilli and tomato
  •  8 medium Potatoes
  •  Cheese
  • Butter
  • Milk
  • Veg-pepper carrot and sweet corn, mushrooms optional
  • Yorkshire pudding, this is optional but it gives the pie a ‘little kick’ with some gravy on side.

1) Sauté onions, till brown- whilst you do this you may as well get potatoes and put it in a pot and let it boil, I’d peel the skin of first cut in pieces then boil it for the mash

2) add cumin powder/seeds just add about 1/3 Tsp to the onions

3) add green chilli- fresh or whatever your mum has in fridge add like bit more than usual because you will add veg tomato paste etc

4) Once the onions are golden brown add the chopped tomatoe and add garlic 1/2 tsp (can use ginger and garlic paste too)
5) Add bit of red chilli and corriander powder, cook for like a minute for all that masala to mix in well
6) Once the above has been cooked at the mince to the mixture and salt according to taste.
7) Then allow the keema to simmer
8) When the water has more or less gone, add the  loyds grosman tomato and chilli sauce.

This is the time to add the vegetables too, you can add mushrooms, sweetcorn, pepper, peas and carrots.
9)  Let the above cook for good ten minutes so it all marinates with all the flavours properly. (Marinates is probably not the word but oh well😂). You can now add your mixture into an ovenproof dish, make sure it’s not too saucy.
10) Mash the potatoes , add two tablespoons of milk, salt to taste and add butter to make it fluffier and tastier and layer it on top of the mince mixture.
11) Then add cheese and grill for a while or you can leave in oven till the top it’s golden

If you’re treating your bellies with the puddings put them in the oven too!!
12) If you’re making the puddings, make some gravy too and serve with the above once baked. 🙂