Alberts Schloss

This was a last minute lunch venue.

I didn’t ask if anything was halal I just assumed it wasn’t because it was a bar. So I stuck to the usual things I would be able to eat, along with the alcohol free drink.


The atmosphere was lovely, the waitress who was with us was really nice and friendly. Loved walking in from the cold air to a nice table round a fire, the heat felt nice.


Would definitely recommend going to eat at this bar.


We ordered a From the brunch section of the menu. First we had Eggs Royals, it tasted amazing considering I have had this at moose’s cafe before. This was way better than the one I have tried there. Served with smoked salmon, poached eggs with hollandaise sauce, lemon, capers, dill on a toasted muffin.


Then we ordered a Brioche French Toast. It was a bit tangy but I guess that was the taste of all the forest berries coulis. This was served with whipped vanilla ricotta and wild flower honey.


Healthy protein flapjacks

This was an experiment and loved the outcome.I had enough of partner spending £2+ a day for a small bar from the shops everyday and I’m trying to eat healthy at the moment and craving sweet things and not eating it, is a struggle. So I decided to make healthy flapjacks. I tried it the first time round without any maple syrup, which made the flapjack really crumbly. The second time round I added maple syrup, just a bit to get the stickiness. Also the second time round I forgot to add almond butter, which means adding less syrup! I used rolled oats first time which made the texture very powdery, so used jumbo oats which helped a lot.

I have mixed the pictures below from first and second time, forgot to take picture with honey etc inside the bowl second time round because I was missing my gym class. 🙈😥

Also don’t have exact measurements because it’s up to you, how many nuts you want inside it, how healthy you want to be, how much protein you want etc.


Jumbo rolled oats-sainsbury Scottish ones were the ones I used.

Chia seeds

Flaxseed -I purchased Linwood milled organic flaxseed sunflower and pumpkin seed. It’s really good as it’s all powder and easy to use and can’t even taste it that much but at least you’re getting your omega into your diet.

Protein powder- I used vanilla flavour,this is optional.

Almonds and pistachios-my mum has a jar of these all thinly sliced, so thought why not.

Cinnamon powder

Maple Syrup- Canadian maple syrup if possible can be found in Waiterose and Sainsbury

Lucy bee coconut oil

Honey, try to use Manuka if possible.

Almond butter



I used around half a packed of the oats, 3 scoops of protein powder, the other dry ingredients I used according to my taste. I’m not fond of nuts in food so I put less in. Put all the dry ingredients in a bowl.




Mix everything properly so it’s evenly distributed.


Once everything is mixed thoroughly, on the other side get a small pot add around 7 tablespoons of the coconut oil and on low heat let it melt.


One the oil has melted pour on to the dry ingredients and add all the wet ingredients. Don’t add too much maple syrup if you’re trying to be healthy. Add more of the almond butter around 4-5 tablespoons. Honey around 2-3 tablespoons. Syrup I’d say around 4-6 tablespoons, if you’ve used almond butter I’d only put in 3. Just see how the texture is once you’ve mixed it, if you think it’s not sticky enough add more oil and butter or honey but not syrup. I added around 4 tablespoons of milk.



Yes, I had to use my hands to mix the above. This is the best option so you don’t have too much syrup or honey in one of your bites. You need it all to mixed properly and with a spoon I noticed the dry ingredients stayed at the bottom of the bowl. So use your hands my lovelies 🙂 ( this was from the first time I tried)


Once everything is mixed and you’re happy with your mixture, get a tray, add greaseproof paper and put the mixture into the tray. Flatten the top with a spoon so it’s not uneven.


Put in the oven at 180° for 15 minutes only. The sides will look like its burnt but don’t  worry it’s not and you can’t even taste it.( I added chopped dates on my side of the share because I was too lazy to half the mixture and mix it in)


If you want to treat yourself, melt some dark chocolate in the microwave and drizzle on top. Voila 😀




So, I decided to try s’mores at home, but since I’m the only child at home and parents don’t like anything baked/made that has sweets/chocolates in it, I have to make small portions. I didn’t want to put a few mallows in the oven for 20 minutes I wanted to eat it straight away, no patience for food sometimes. 🙈 The traditional way to enjoy smores is over a campfire when your camping with friends. I guess it would give a nice bbq taste.

You need a few simple things, marshmallows, biscuits, chocolate and skewers.

The halal marshmallows I buy, are the sweet zone branded ones, which can be found in any Asian shops and Asda in the world food section.


I turned the stove on, I would recommend keeping it on medium. Got three marshmallows and added them on to my bamboo skewer I found in the draws.


I held the skewer over the hob for 10-20 seconds. But the marshmallows were on fire 😂 so I had to blow the flames of the mallows, but it actually gave it the nice BBQ taste, which I didn’t mind. The second time round I literally waved it over the flame beacause I didn’t want it to on fire again, this worked.

Be careful they melt pretty fast and cam start falling off the stick.


The plainest biscuit in the kitchen I wanted to try this with was rich tea. So I got two rich tea biscuits, kept one on plate and with the other biscuit I took the hot,melted mallows of the skewer. It is very sticky so used the other biscuit to keep hands clean, it works. You can use any biscuit you want to.


I added boost chocolate bites on top. You can use any chocolate you want. Maybe in drizzle some raspberry sauce over it and add some sprinkles?


Press down with the other biscuit.image


Black Milk Cereal Dive

I first heard of this place on Instagram, so put it on my ‘to eat at’ list. Finally visited it.

It was a lovely experience and would visit/recommend this place to all friends and family. If you love chocolate and love American cereals this is is the place to be.
It is a bit hard to find as the enterance to this building is actually not on Church Street as stated on google and on their Facebook page.

The enterance to this is on Oldham Street, Affleck building. I think it was the second floor in the corner.

We were seated straight away and given menus. There was only one member of staff there serving nine of us. So the service was slow but I have to admit he was working pretty fast on his own.

We ordered an edible chocolate cereal bowl with Krave, chocolate lucky charms and lion cereal with plain milk. For toppings we chose Cadbury animals,Oreo biscuits and buttons.




We also decided to try flake milkshake with chocolate milk, cream and chocolate sauce. Wanted ferrero but they didn’t have it in stock.😓


We both loved it and was nice and filling.

I even walked out of the store and forgot to pay 😂 too used paying first at cafes 🙈 thank god I went with partner who stopped to pay whilst I walked off. 😂 only me.

Their Facebook page:


Strawberry Sundae

This was a last minute thing I made before Iftar. I googled sundae recipes and they all contained double cream, which is whipped.

I’m too lazy to take the machine out to whip the cream and all the cleaning involved. I just discovered mascarpone cheese which is my easy alternative and tastes really nice.


  • 1 Mascarpone cheese tub – you can find this is in Asda in the cheese aisle , where the tube cheeses are.
  • 1 small extra thick cream tub
  • I used 1 punnet of strawberries as it was the strawberry season, feel a bit adventurous? Use any fruit you find in the kitchen.
  • 2tsp Caster Sugar

To decorate you can use anything, you could crush some flake chocolate on the top. I found some biscuit curls from Marks and Spencer in the kitchen, so used that as the decoration.


In a mini chopper or blender, add extra thick cream as much as you need, 3 tbsp cheese, 2 tsp caster sugar and strawberries. Don’t add too many strawberries as you want to be able to taste the cream too.

This is an alternative for whipped cream. 😀

Rememeber add less cheese than the cream because sundaes is really about the cream taste not cheese!

Blend all the above till the strawberries are finely chopped and blended into the mixture.  Don’t blend too much otherwise the mixture will become watery.
Get glasses and add a bit of the mixture into the glasses. Remember we will be layering this into the glasses you use.

Cut the remaining strawberries into 4 pieces each. Add some on top of the mixture and add some cream again. If you want another layer of strawberries, you can add them again. I opted for vanilla ice cream.

To finish this off I added a small spoon of thick cream on top and stuck a curl into it.

You can drizzle it with chocolate sauce if you have some at home.